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December 1, 2007, 9:13 pm
DoD-Federation Must Play Maps

dod_campazzo from moroes, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_anemia from FMPONE, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_salerno from Insta, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_highlander from Jake Parlay, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_tiger from Topgunmav, click on the image to downlaod the map.
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Size: 6090 Author: TOP GUN Mav Hits: 377 time(s)
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File description: Okay, haven't had alot of time for this tutorial, here is something really basic. But, here is a small vmf file I created using entites straight from Colmar. I have also added in the same file a wall that is destroyable by use of a det pack. Just compile the map, have a go, watch what happens, then open the vmf file in Hammer, look at the entities and models. Look at the names, properties and inputs and outputs, I'm sure you'll figure it out. There are 2 extra flags at either end of the destroyed vehicle, they do not appear in the map, these are important as they stop the game from auto winning as soon as you join the map. I have seperated the Tanks Proper model, and the tanks destroyed model so you can see how it is done, in game these models should be directly over one and other so that it doesn't look odd when it is destroyed. The inputs and outputs seem as though they have errors. They are not errors, it is just coding that hasn't been put into hammer yet (it is in the HL2 engine though). The only other thing to play with is the angles of the det packs, they appear in hammer as "obsolete" so you cant really tell which way they face, its all trial and error for me when it comes to these angles LOL. Have fun with the new mode and i hope you like the example vmf file. TGM
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