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March 5, 2009, 9:31 am
DoD-Federation Must Play Maps

dod_campazzo from moroes, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_anemia from FMPONE, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_salerno from Insta, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_highlander from Jake Parlay, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_tiger from Topgunmav, click on the image to downlaod the map.
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CAMP1 map pack is a go!
Posted by: CoolHandLuke on 2007-04-26 20:36:02

The Community Assembled Map Project (CAMP) is pleased to announce our first release: CAMP1 Pack. This first pack includes three maps representing a nice cross-section of play styles and looks and are considered to be some of the top Day of Defeat: Source custom maps available today. Although the CAMP team is wholly responsible for the content of this release it would not have been possible without the assistance, encouragement, and support from our friends at Valve.

Each map in this, and subsequent releases, has been tested for exploits, errors, accurate scoring and all have been re-worked during this process by the original level designers and/or their authorized backup. The CAMP team itself is a diverse set of level designers, server operators, league managers, modelers, and long-term community members who worked together over the last month to bring you CAMP1.

Every CAMP release will include high quality maps that explore different game styles as we hope to bring new vitality, interest, and variety to this great game! CAMP1 can be downloaded from the list of fine communities below, all of whom will be featuring the maps in their server rotations. Please patronize the communities that have helped with this significant effort!

maps description:

dod_coire: A remake of the stock DOD 1.3 map chemille. There are five flags, all single man caps. Coire features fast and furious action that has made it a league favorite. Take that 5th flag and CAP OUT! Level design by dart, McJewels, and Nave.

dod_strand: Strand is a faithful recreation of the classic beach map, Charlie. The lighting and sound are dramatic and immersive without sacrificing performance. Strand is a detonation style map with balanced gameplay. Not your typical day at the beach! Level design by Dustin Diamond.

dod_vigilance: Vigilance has a fairly unique sense of vertical gameplay. Set in winter, in a small village, Allies battle uphill against waves of Axis soldiers. There are five flags with three 2-man caps. Hope you packed a parka! Level design by ca-chicken-soup.

DoD-Federation Must Play Maps Selection
Posted by: Furyo on 2006-10-08 13:59:03

Fan of custom maps? Look no further to know which custom maps to play.

Starting today, DoD-Federation brings you a new selection of 5 maps, displayed at the top of our website. These maps constitute what we at the DoD-federation consider the best DoD:Source maps overall. This includes the overall level of detail, the performance obtained and of course the gameplay each map offers....

One of the BEST Customs to this point has been released today!
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-09-22 20:39:43

Quote from Post on Forums by Dustin Diamond -"dod_strand is a true port of the original dod_charlie. I know that a "remake" has been done already, but I felt it strayed a bit too much from the original. I liked the old charlie and I wanted to play the old charlie. So I figured, hell, I'll do it myself, and dod_strand was born. Yes, this is my first attempt at mapping. No, I don't think that excuses me if I make a crappy map. So please, criticize away.

The goal of this map is to revive the feel of the original charlie map. Whoever said beach maps weren't possible in source was dead wrong.

So there you go. I'm still plugging away at it, so feel free to offer up whatever comments/suggestions/Ihateyou/thissucks/tooblocky and other remarks you want. "

PopCap Games® Now Available Via Steam®
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-08-30 16:45:20

PopCap Games® Now Available Via Steam®
August 30, 2006, 10:52 am - Jason Ruymen

Over one dozen products from PopCap Games®, the leading developer and publisher of casual games, are available now on Steam® (, Valve®'s online platform for PC games.

PopCap®'s titles such as Bejeweled® and Zuma® are benchmarks of the casual games industry; generating over 175 million downloads and three billion player minutes per month. Steam is the first full-featured broadband platform for the delivery and management of games and digital content, and has pioneered its broadband services to over 10 million customers, generating over six billion player minutes per month, with core titles such as Half-Life® 2 and Counter-Strike™.

Initially, 17 of PopCap's products will be made available via Steam on August 30, 2006. Keeping with PopCap tradition, each PopCap game offered via Steam will be available for a free trial period as well as for purchase. And PopCap collection packages will also be offered.

For more information, please visit
Steam client update released
August 30, 2006, 10:46 am - Jason Ruymen

Updates to the Steam Client have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Steam Client

* Friends now displays the game you are playing to all your friends
* Attempting to add a Friend who doesn't have a Steam account will now give you the option to send them an email, inviting them to become one
* The words 'valve' or 'steam' are no longer available for use in the Friends name
* Fixed game install dialog over estimating install size for games that shared content
* Added a "Don't Show me Again" checkbox to the System Requirements dialog for games
* Fixed FPS drop after running a listen server

CAL is looking for some Mapping/Mapper's Help
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-08-07 22:00:36

We want to work on a project with a group of mappers to develop about 4 to 5 custom detonation maps for use in CAL (and pub servers of course) next season when we want to launch a 6v6 det league geared towards actracting current dods players as well as css players.

The first stage of our project involves creating a very simple map layout that will allow us to work on choke point timings and map size for the new gameplay modes. Because one team is attacking and one defending you are forcing the attacker to have to run a long way with every respawn if you make the map to big.

We want to have a mapper take a known and established map from css, like Inferno or Dust2, and design a very simple dods det map using the routes and layout from the map, so we can see how this gameplay should be approached.

After that, we'd like to find four or five mappers willing to work on maps that will reflect this new gameplay with routes that make sense, to funnel the action to the new det targets.

We would also like to encourage dod-federation mappers to set a new standard and take both cap and det gameplay into consideration when they design a map. Each mapper should be able to release a dod_det_map and dod_cap_map version of their map.

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