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August 15, 2006, 8:59 am

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CAL is looking for some Mapping/Mapper's Help
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-08-07 22:00:36

We want to work on a project with a group of mappers to develop about 4 to 5 custom detonation maps for use in CAL (and pub servers of course) next season when we want to launch a 6v6 det league geared towards actracting current dods players as well as css players.

The first stage of our project involves creating a very simple map layout that will allow us to work on choke point timings and map size for the new gameplay modes. Because one team is attacking and one defending you are forcing the attacker to have to run a long way with every respawn if you make the map to big.

We want to have a mapper take a known and established map from css, like Inferno or Dust2, and design a very simple dods det map using the routes and layout from the map, so we can see how this gameplay should be approached.

After that, we'd like to find four or five mappers willing to work on maps that will reflect this new gameplay with routes that make sense, to funnel the action to the new det targets.

We would also like to encourage dod-federation mappers to set a new standard and take both cap and det gameplay into consideration when they design a map. Each mapper should be able to release a dod_det_map and dod_cap_map version of their map.

With the release of the latest SDK Update... Looks like maps will be coming sooner than later!
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-08-05 11:24:38

SDK Update released on Friday has brought upon us many maps to test and have Finalized! First on this list (that I am aware of) is Jake's release of dod_Highlander.

Change list (since April beta release):

* Improved Optimization
* Finer detail and prop work
* Minor terrain sculpting, reduced sightlines, easier player movement up hills
* Refined soundscapes and some custom ambient clips
* Added 3rd legitimate Allied spawn exit
* Added more protection for Axis spawns
* Spawn points on both teams about 20 steps 'closer to the action'
* Fixed Allies not recieving points for holding Axis second objective
* Cut filesize and collision load about 30%
* New overview

Wednesday August 2, 2006 - Steam Store version 3 Beta, coming soon!
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-08-02 21:14:14

Wednesday August 2, 2006 - Steam Store version 3 Beta, coming soon!

We're going to run a short beta of the new Steam Store to test functionality, performance, and server load. If you would like to participate, click here (

Participating in the beta will set a small web cookie and redirect you to the new store. You can opt out at any time by clicking this link again and choosing "Steam store beta". You must be running Internet Explorer to be able to test the new store within the Steam client.

You should have full purchasing functionality while in the beta store, which is of course part of what we are testing. If you encounter a problem or find any bugs with this beta, please use the bug reports page.

How do you get people to play together? How do you Develope a group of "Regular" players?
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-08-01 16:02:02

Here's the thing...

I know a thousand communities out there that want to get THEIR server populated and full, and keep them that way. But, like I am sure many of you have noticed, that there seems to be ALOT of servers out there that have 6-8 people playing on them...

Then more people join, then more people join... then something happens. Either the server goes to a map nobody likes (or only half stick around), or it switches to a custom that only the "Regulars" have (maybe 4-5 of the 15-20 that were just there) and nobody wants to stick around for the download...

How would you go about either pleasing ALL the players (Unlikely), or keeping the server full by having only "Stock" maps (boring), or getting GREAT Custom maps (a select few) on a server, with FAST downloads for those who don't have them (How do you get those that don't have them to stick around long enough to DL the map?), THEN teach them the map layout so that they aren't getting pwN'D around every corner they turn????

What are your thoughts on this?

I was hoping that THIS was EXACTLY why we were putting together this "Federation"??? Along with the custom maps/content, I was hoping to build a community of servers that provided this type of service.

And I'm hoping that this can still be accomplished!

Please - let me/us know what/how this can be done!

I know there are some GREAT Communities out there, that have FULL servers out there ALL the time... but, in the same breath, I know there are people here that have servers that AREN'T always full... or Don't have people on them 95% of the time and/or if they do - there are only 6-7 people on there at random times of the day....

Some quoted comments on the two maps released by Valve
Posted by: Cranbarry on 2006-06-30 18:45:23

Originally posted by FuzzDad
I prefer Jadg only because it looks the part of a ww2 torn up busted buildings in any HL2-based game yet. I played the map for hours and hours last night and not once did I not like the gameplay
BTW number 1: If you didn't notice, colomar is a cousin twice-removed decendent of dod_saints...same basic layout from the center bridge and fairly representative.
BTW number 2: The explosion sequence on the Sherman is really excellent...having the turret pop off and roll around is just perfect.

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