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February 10, 2009, 11:57 pm
DoD-Federation Must Play Maps

dod_campazzo from moroes, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_anemia from FMPONE, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_salerno from Insta, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_highlander from Jake Parlay, click on the image to downlaod the map.dod_tiger from Topgunmav, click on the image to downlaod the map.
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CAMP1 map pack is a go!
Posted by: CoolHandLuke on 2007-04-26 20:36:02

The Community Assembled Map Project (CAMP) is pleased to announce our first release: CAMP1 Pack. This first pack includes three maps representing a nice cross-section of play styles and looks and are considered to be some of the top Day of Defeat: Source custom maps available today. Although the CAMP team is wholly responsible for the content of this release it would not have been possible without the assistance, encouragement, and support from our friends at Valve.

Each map in this, and subsequent releases, has been tested for exploits, errors, accurate scoring and all have been re-worked during this process by the original level designers and/or their authorized backup. The CAMP team itself is a diverse set of level designers, server operators, league managers, modelers, and long-term community members who worked together over the last month to bring you CAMP1.

Every CAMP release will include high quality maps that explore different game styles as we hope to bring new vitality, interest, and variety to this great game! CAMP1 can be downloaded from the list of fine communities below, all of whom will be featuring the maps in their server rotations. Please patronize the communities that have helped with this significant effort!

maps description:

dod_coire: A remake of the stock DOD 1.3 map chemille. There are five flags, all single man caps. Coire features fast and furious action that has made it a league favorite. Take that 5th flag and CAP OUT! Level design by dart, McJewels, and Nave.

dod_strand: Strand is a faithful recreation of the classic beach map, Charlie. The lighting and sound are dramatic and immersive without sacrificing performance. Strand is a detonation style map with balanced gameplay. Not your typical day at the beach! Level design by Dustin Diamond.

dod_vigilance: Vigilance has a fairly unique sense of vertical gameplay. Set in winter, in a small village, Allies battle uphill against waves of Axis soldiers. There are five flags with three 2-man caps. Hope you packed a parka! Level design by ca-chicken-soup.

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